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The domestic caustic soda products rebound without power gradually into the weaker situation

The weak pattern in the commodity market, there is no caustic soda products rebound momentum gradually entered the weakening situation. Chlor alkali manufacturers maintain a higher starting load, but in the face of insufficient demand, it is imperative to reduce inventory and relieve operating pressure. On the macro level, PPI declined by 0.4% in October, down 5.9% year on year, and has been negative growth for 44 consecutive months, indicating that China's current industrial situation is very weak. At present, both domestic and foreign demand performance is not ideal, it is expected that caustic soda market downward adjustment opportunities.
High grade finishing of caustic soda market in Shaanxi area. The factory price of 50% ion membrane caustic soda in chlor alkali enterprises was 1800-1900 yuan / ton (100%), and the actual turnover price was slightly lower. The liquid in addition to internal captive production of caustic soda and grain , supply mainly serves local and surrounding areas downstream of caustic soda processing of alumina industry, shipping companies take stable performance, the market outlook is expected to consolidation of caustic soda.
Stable liquid in the Inner Mongolia area market consolidation. The chlor alkali enterprises 30-32% ion-exchange membrane caustic soda mainstream factory price reported 1350-1400 yuan / ton (100%), 48-50% ion membrane alkali mainstream factory price reported 1600-1650 yuan / ton (100%), supply downstream papermaking and alumina enterprises, overall shipments is stable, the market outlook is expected to stabilize caustic soda.

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