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Sinopec international cooperation alliance for capacity cooperation was formally established

In September 13, 2016, Shanghai, Chinese international petrochemical conference held today (CPCIC) media day, China petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Guanglian Pang Long announced, "international petrochemical industry production cooperation alliance" was formally established in September 14th. The establishment of the alliance will further promote the development of the globalization of the petrochemical industry, has very important significance to cooperate with the country's "The Belt and Road" strategy.
"Petroleum and chemical industry is the national" China Belt and Road Initiative "strategy and international cooperation capacity planning clearly one of the twelve key industries. Sinopec since 2015 was brewing industry "going out" alliance, and carried out in-depth business research, strategic planning research, key countries docking study work, brewing and get throughout the preparations for the national development and Reform Commission and other government departments to guide and support. In September 2016, the establishment of the international capacity cooperation alliance was officially approved by the national development and reform commission. The alliance will become a unified platform for releasing relevant national policy initiatives, recommending project cooperation information, regulating overseas business behavior of enterprises, preventing foreign cooperation risks and promoting cooperation between industry and finance." Mr. Pang Guanglian, Deputy Secretary General of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said on media day.
It is understood that the alliance will focus on international cooperation capacity to promote and guide the industry to the Sinopec, to jointly build and win-win principle, highlighting the characteristics of the industry, combined with the needs of the enterprise, its member enterprises as the leading, with key countries, key industries as the main point, external resources integration within the industry, play the advantage of consolidation within the industry "out of to establish a age mechanism for communication and coordination, foreign construction of bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanism and key countries and regions and third party cooperation in the market network, promote industrial coordination and cooperation in multi levels and multi channels, to promote the policy of communication, information, finance and industry cooperation unicom.
The Alliance launched by the petrochemical industry leader in production and engineering enterprises as the mainstay, CO sponsored by PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Shenhua, Sinochem, China Chinese chemical, chemical engineering, Yanchang Petroleum, Wan Hua, Bohai, Huayi, Luxi, Rongsheng, Heng Yi, Huafeng, Tianye 70 large-scale petrochemical enterprises.
The key tasks of the alliance include five aspects: strategy and policy research, information and network sharing, industry and finance integration, industry coordination, risk prevention and control. The establishment of the alliance will effectively promote the key projects, to overseas Sinopec Park, industrial and trade cooperation area as the starting point, the implementation of a number of demonstration projects in the petrochemical, more than a little early harvest, let the host countries continue to have a real "feeling"." Pang Pang adds.

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